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Klaudia Moon

Certified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Certified Reiki Healer & Chakra Healer

Klaudia has started her career as a HR Professional in hospitality industry. After many years of chasing the dream to make a difference, she realised that something was missing. What used to have meaning now has been replaced by burn out, anxiety and lack of purpose.

Through her own self-discovery journey, Klaudia has learned that a lot of emotions and patterns that she was holding on to were nowhere related to her own experience. Most of our beliefs, patterns and behaviours are passed on by generations via childhood traumas, events or cultural programming.

Now, her mission is to create a community of women who are ready to create their own future by living their dream life, and finally break free from the generation cycle. By giving the support and space, Klaudia is guiding her clients step by step through self-awareness and teaches how to embrace their own roots.

What the Coaching Package includes

1 on 1 coaching,

We will meet once a week at the same time for 1 hour session via zoom,

All sessions will be tailored to you and your needs. Two sessions will never be the same, they are carefully designed to help you move towards your goals faster,

After each session, you will be provided with a follow up of what was discussed.

As a part of your journey you will receive weekly personalised homework that will help you to stay aligned and focused,

During whole program, you will have peace of mind knowing that your coach is always there to keep you on track, lending support and helping you to create the life you always dreamed of.


Before we Start

You will start your transformation with getting clarity on your goals and your desires,

We will go through all important areas of your life to establish where is that you need help the most,

You will be able to discover what is holding you back and what limiting beliefs prevent you from manifesting your desires,

We will work on your mindset that will help you to change your patterns,take action and gain confidence,

This package includes result proven life coaching tools, exercises, guided meditations and energy healing.

Healing Coaching Program

This 12-week Inner Healing coaching program is designed to help you identify your blocks and hidden inherited traumas that have been passed on to you from previous generations.

Have you ever wonder where certain feelings, beliefs, ideas or fears are coming from?

Are you tired of keep repeating same patterns over and over again?

Are you one of people pleasers and you are struggling to create healthy boundaries?

Or maybe, you are just overwhelmed about everything around you and you don’t know where to start to change your current situation?

You know you deserve more, you know you have been put on this world to do something extraordinary. And you are right!

This Coaching Program is a great opportunity for you to uncover hidden emotions and learn more about yourself. Many people have described it as self-assessment of your life and awareness that certain things did not started from you.

We will dive deep into your inner child and learn what childhood traumas, events or cultural programming (those that has been passed on to us by generations) could prevent you in fulfilling your dreams.



This is for you if:

  • You are looking for a next step,
  • You are not fully fulfilled in where you are at the moment,
  • You know you deserve more but you are lacking of purpose and direction,
  • You feel burned out, stuck and frustrated in your current situation,
  • You want to learn more about yourself
  • You want to understand where your beliefs are coming from


Do you want:

  • To create a better life for yourself,
  • To open up and build new, strong and meaningful relationships with people,
  • To live your life in peace and harmony with yourself
  • To discover your purpose and direction you are heading,
  • To learn more about yourself.
  • To feel excited about life once again


What will you learn:

  • How to work through your emotions in order for you to find your balance and move forward,
  • Identify your fears that keep you stuck in a hamster wheel,
  • How to forgive yourself and others, clear your heart and remove emotional baggage,
  • How to create healthy boundaries with your family and friends,
  • To find the courage to communicate about your needs and feelings effectively,
  • Gain confidence in yourself and your dreams,
  • You will uncover your roots and learn about your foundations
  • How to reprogram your brain and how to eliminate unhealthy attachments


What the 12 week Healing Coaching Program includes:

  • Weekly 60 min online sessions,
  • Clarity Session- get to know your goals, dreams and direction you want to go
  • Working through your fears
  • Identifying your Limiting Beliefs
  • Transforming your Limiting Beliefs
  • Uncover your roots
  • Understand your feelings
  • Work through Guilt and Grief
  • Communication and building relations with others
  • Power of Forgiveness
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Attachments and Reprogramming
  • Awareness and Creating your Future


Total Value : £1500

4 months’ Payment Plan available for only £375 per month


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