I will help you create success by changing your mindset and breaking your negative patterns

Limitless Mind – Create Success Within You



This is great alternative to my 1:1 Coaching Program.

After years of supporting number of women on the individual level, time has come to try something new. I have designed this incredible 12 week Group Coaching Program to help you build a Successful Mindset.

We all dream of a better life, empowering career and more money, most of the time the very one thing that stand in our way to Success is our own Mindset.


So if you are done of feeling stuck all the time,

If you are tired of keep repeating same patterns,

And you know that you deserve way more from this life.


This program may be exactly what you are looking for!


Let me tell you a few words about the program and what will you learn:

  • Learn how to break free from limiting beliefs and negative patterns
  • Learn how to overcome your fears
  • Set clear goals followed by powerful Action Plan
  • Create new habits that will empower your day
  • Build personal & professional confidence
  • Learn how to understand your emotions and create healthy boundaries
  • Uncover your sabotages and BS excuses


This Group Coaching Program is not like many others, where you are left alone to deal with the weekly content.


You will receive:

  • Weekly content with videos and workbooks where I walk you through each week’s exercises and topics
  • 2x a month Group Coaching Sessions with small group where you will be able to share your experience and connect with like minded women
  • 1x a month 1:1 coaching call with me, where we can concentrate on your personal journey and tailor whole program to you
  • Access to FB Group where you can connect with other members and watch additional live trainings


If you would like to learn more, book your FREE Call with me, when we can discuss what you currently struggling with and if this program is a right fit for you.