About Me

about me

My name is Klaudia, I am certified Spiritual & Mindset Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and Reiki & Energy Healer.

Welcome into my Sanctuary!

I am very excited to have you here. I believe everything happens for a reason, so this is not a coincidence that we are meeting here, right now!

You are probably just like me, spent enormous amount of money for your qualifications, certifications and many different workshops just to prove that you are worthy of high position in the company you are working for.

You though it will change your life for better

Something is missing, isn’t it?

Instead, you struggling with anxiety, stress, overwhelming amount of work, lack of support and definitely you have no time for yourself and people who are important to you.

What if I tell you that you are not alone and we all have been there? I have been there.

Let me tell you who am I and how I can help you.

What do I do ?

I work with mindset.

Mindset is a powerful set of attitudes held by someone. It grows and develops throughout your life. There are a lot of factors that can shape your mindset, your beliefs and the way you see the world around you.

My job is to work with my client’s mindset to help them change their beliefs and start living their life, reaching their full potential.

I use very powerful NLP and Energy Healing techniques to get to the very core of your beliefs and transform them, by replacing them with new ones.

I will help you to re-discover yourself back again!

We will work on your deepest desires and I will help you to reach all your goals changing your life completely!

How I get where I am right now?

It wasn’t easy and it took few years of struggle and stress to finally say “that’s ENOUGH”.

I developed my career as HR Professional. It’s definitely not easy to come to foreign country and try to reach the top of your career. Especially not in London, there is way too much completion. It won’t happen without sacrifices.

When I came to London for the first time, I got a job in a 5 star Hotel, as a waitress. Even though I already had experience on a higher position within hospitality, what I heard was “this is London. You need to start from the bottom”.

I hated my job, I was working days and night with barely 1 day off. I had even dedicated certain days of a week when I was locking myself in the toilet for an afternoon cry.

I knew this wasn’t for me, I wanted to change my life. I signed in for 1 year HR Qualification.

It was difficult to combine full time job and studies.

After few years, changing few jobs, I could proudly call myself HR Manager for Group of Restaurants.

I was buzzing! I got where I wanted to be! I made it!

I think you already know what happened next.

I couldn’t stop working. Even during weekends, if I wasn’t on the phone I was on my emails.

No holidays for 2 years, always traveling with my laptop.

I couldn’t sleep, I was stressed. The amount of responsibilities and no support started to give me anxiety.

I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want this life anymore. I wasn’t as happy as I thought I would be.

I started to work on my mindset, but it was for this one workshops that changed my life. It was about finding your purpose in life. And trust me if I tell you I had none!

After this workshop and work with my coach and mentor, I changed my life completely!

I quit my job and I decided to dedicate my life to work with women who are going through the same challenges that I did, and help them to change and improve their life. I was lucky enough to find an amazing coach who helped me get my life together.

This is who I want to be for you. I want to help you and share with you all my knowledge and tools so you can grab your life once again and find your true purpose in life!


It takes courage to do the work of healing. It’s not comfortable, convenient or easy. It means the end of denial, pretending and avoiding. It means being radically honest with yourself and those around you.

You have struggled for too long now, book your Discovery Call with me and let’s talk about how I can help you break those chains!


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