Hi Ladies!

I’m glad you are here.

If you starting to read this message it means you are ready for a change.

Have you ever worked so hard to reach your goals just to realise that you are not as happy as you thought you would be?

Are you tired of constant competition and endless battles just to prove to your boss that you are worthy?

Sacrificed your friendships, relationships and family for a career and financial success?

You probably have given endless words of advice to your friends and family but for some reason your life is a mess.

Does this sounds familiar?

If you have ever thought about any of these questions and now you looking to take a next step in your journey. This might be a good time to reflect on your current circumstances and take the next step for yourself to accept the help and change your life!

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about me

Welcome into my Sanctuary!

I am very excited to have you here. I believe everything happens for a reason, so this is not a coincidence that we are meeting here, right now!

You are here because you are looking for answers. You feel stuck, lost or fed up with your current situation.

You are probably just like me, spent enormous amount of money for your qualifications, certifications and many different workshops just to prove that you are worthy of high position in the company you are working for.

And what happened next?

Something is missing, isn’t it?

You don’t feel as happy and as fulfilled as you thought you would be.
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See what these incredible women say about working with me

” I found Klaudia super easy to open up to, she  is approachable to the extent that talking to her was like conversing with an old friend. From our second session I started sharing things with her that I had not told anyone before, and I think that helped me a lot in dealing with my boundaries and limiting beliefs. Her program is intense in a very efficient way: it did not let me lose sight of the goals I set with her guidance, and as a result I started seeing substantial changes in my mood and mindset even before I completed half of the program.”

~ Eszter~

“I was a bit sceptic to start this journey but already after the first meeting I felt powerful and full of ideas. I started to be more positive, to see always a solution and imagine what I wanted to be. My approach to life changed completely, in a better way! I suggest this journey with Klaudia to everyone, you cannot believe and understand it until you try! Thank you.”

~ Simona~

“Hi Klaudia, I wanted to thank you for meeting with me these past few weeks. I have spend so much time in my mind this year lost in my thoughts, grief and memories. I am very thankful to met you. You have taught me to release repressed grief, the key to moving forward. I feel more alive in my body today. I have experienced the stillness, silence, and presence. I truly believe everything has beauty, the good and bad. I am thankful for each experience. I had to feel it, to move through it. I had to retreat to heal and that was necessary. The grief did not belong to me. Thank you Klaudia for teaching me to let it go! I will continue to live in love and light.”



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